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Cenrter Point Services

We consistently strive to implement the highest quality services for our community by providing comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, and a continuum of integrated services.



Center Point provides counseling for a wide range of treatment needs, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress and crisis patterns, substance abuse, trauma or abuse, court-ordered counseling, and other emotional or mental health problems.

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Group Counseling

Center Point Group Counseling services includes Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Education Groups. Group counseling can help with Addiction Issues; Personal Issues such as stress, emotional problems, relationships; or with Domestic Abuse, Co-Parenting, and Lifestyle problems.

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Substance Abuse

Consulting provides a solid educational foundation, ethical and moral support, and clinically sound advice to help you provide quality services to your clients/treatment teams. Consulting is provided by either an individual or team of providers at Center Point Counseling.

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Center Point Counseling Services Cooperative members have been creating positive shifts for communities for over two decades. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with organizations to create opportunities to serve the community.

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Center Point Counseling Services offer three levels of Mediation for family members to resolve their own conflicts during and after divorce. We also provide training on a wide range of mental health and substance abuse issues, and public speaker services are typically provided for free.

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Medication Management

Center Point Counseling Services Cooperative is privileged to introduce specialized mental health prescriber services to our greater Vernon County community. Our esteemed prescribing team is unique in a rural area, offering a continuum of expertise. They are your neighbors and are committed to building a healthier community with you.

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Mediation Services

Mediation is a confidential and cooperative process involving the parties and a mediator, the purpose of which is to help the parties by applying communication and dispute resolution skills. Helping define and resolve disagreements with the best interest of the children as paramount consideration.

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Emergency Mental Health Services

In Coordination with Vernon County Department of Human Services, the Emergency Mental Health Services program is designed to encompass a coordinated system of mental health services to provide an immediate response to assist people experiencing a mental health crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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