Resources for Couples and Marriage

At Center Point Counseling, all of our therapists have training and experience in couples and marital counseling. While each therapist brings their own unique experience and style to sessions, it is the collaborative effort of the couple and the therapist together to understand and meet the various challenges in the relationship of the couple that can and usually does lead to greater opportunity, growth and joy.

We strive to use empirically based research in working a successful outcome with each couple. The research and materials offered by such leaders in this field include:

We also deeply honor the belief system that each couple and individual present. We appreciate and work with and within the religious, spiritual orientation of the couple.

The union between two people can be filled with tenderness, contempt, fulfillment and strife. These emotions challenge many relationships, not just marital. However, it is within an intimate relationship that couples often stage an emotionally driven need to convince the other of their faults and may miss their own culpability. Counseling can help clarify for a couple the areas in their marriage that need to be tended and cared for. Marriage is an on-going daily act of giving and receiving. How to do that act respectfully and lovingly can often be a challenge. It would be our goal to work with any couple who desire to learn to do this better. We, as therapists, strive to identify both the strengths and weaknesses in the relationship, and work with and on these factors.

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