Play Therapy

Children are one of society’s greatest assets.  Center Point Counseling Services is dedicated to helping children obtain their best potential.  Life sometimes throws children “hard knocks” and we have several therapists who work well with children in finding solutions to these difficulties.  Included in the therapy process is consultation with and education of parents, grandparents, and other caretakers.  We receive referrals from schools, doctor’s offices, parents, social workers and other interested parties. Some areas of concern often encountered are: Fears/Anxiety; Depression/Sadness; Inattention/Hyperactivity; Behavior problems; Mood Swings, Autism and related disorders.

Experiential Play Therapy is offered for children ages 4-11.  Children’s play is used to understand a child’s world and how he/she perceives the environment and experiences and to incorporate some workable solutions. Center Point Counseling Services Cooperative utilizes a play therapy room furnished with toys that have symbolic meaning to children.  Therapists observe and interact with children with use of toys and art to have a safe place to express and heal emotions and adapt more effective behaviors.

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